Yeshiel Panchia

Social and historical contexts and injustices have left a deep impression on me as a child who grew up in both poverty and privilege, on the boundaries of race in post-apartheid South Africa. I’ve never lost this impression, and it has left me with a deep seated uneasiness that only representing the stories seems to quell. Humanity is tragic, fascinating, abhorrent, violent, and I find meaning in photographing all of these facets.

On a more personal level, I experience challenges navigating my own mental, social and financial journey’s. For me, photography offers both escape and perspective to my own life. I cannot be distracted by my own problems when shooting – all that exists is the world and my camera. And oftentimes, when I arrive home from a job, a sense of overwhelming peace and calmness flows over me at touching the journey of another, and I am no longer sad.

I could not imagine doing anything else.

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